External evaulator

External Evaluator for the RECIPE project has been Dr. Stephen Molloy. He has worked in Higher Education  for over 40 years, mainly as a lecturer in Sociology, Research Director, and Head of a Centre for Access to Lifelong Learning.  Based in the U.K., he retired as Associate Dean at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University) and moved to the University of Leeds as a Visiting Research Fellow. For the last 10 years he has worked as an external adviser and consultant  on  a wide range of EU transnational projects at all levels from pre-school to university entrance.

These projects have all aimed to enhance equal educational opportunity and reduce drop-out and educational disengagement by socially disadvantaged groups in particular. They have encompassed the teaching of second languages, the assessment of formative learning, upper secondary vocational education, the role  of regional education centres in implementing EU initiatives, inter-agency working between educational and youth services, integrating young’s peoples’ digital interests with IT innovations in the classroom, and issues of transition from pre-school to primary education.