Presentations 2nd. In-Training Service Course

Se the documentary from the RECIPE conference here:


Presentations 2nd RECIPE Project in-service training course held in Thessaloniki Greece 3rd. to the 7th. of October 2016.

Britt-Mona Vang –  RECIPE Project and partners

Lisbeth M Brevik (RECIPE 2016) Strategies & Shoes

Mette Pless, Motivation and learning environments – Recipe_2016

Participants presentations:

PPT Recipe – CEF

RECIPE Time passengers Thessaloniki

Course 2 Presentation Eilert SundtFlekkefjord vgs. Norway

Case Study presentations:

11.a For you if you attend

11.b Action Learning

11e How we work and what we achieve – EPIS

11g Promoting Motivation-Mastery-Opportunity from an early age RECIPE Course 2 – Oct. 2016

11.h Summarize and perspectives