2016 RECIPE European Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece

The 2016 RECIPE European Conference was held as part of the 2nd RECIPE In-service training Course in Thessaloniki, Greece Oct. 3-4, 2017. 300 teachers, school leaders, teacher trainers and stakeholders attended the conference, coming from all partner countries. Keynote speakers Lisbeth Brevik from the University of Oslo, Norway and Mette Pless from Århus University contributed together with the RECIPE partners. Presentations can be found here.


Conference Leaflet

pdf-logo Leaflet Conference Thessaloniki 2016


Conference objectives

  • To inform and visualize the outcomes of the Comenius project RECIPE
  • To inform about and present the importance of centralised,
    coordinated actions (REC)
  • To exchange experiences in how to prevent Early School Leaving and
    encourage to after-compulsory-education
  • Encourage and motivate to include the European and international
    dimension in their future projects and actions plans and learning activities



Conference fee + hotel two nights + full board: € 460
Conference fee + lunch + coffee break two days: € 75
Conference fee + coffee breaks: Free


Our conference is a dissemination activity supported by the new Erasmus+ program. Targets groups are: Teachers, school leaders, librarians and other staff from pre-primary, primary and secondary educational institutions & stakeholders and politicians.
Participants from the EU programme countries can apply for funding from their National Agency, NA, before 2nd February 2016
Conference PIC number: 947279206

Contact your National Agency (NA) for more information

You must register your organisation on the European Commission Authenication Service (ECAS) and you need a PIC code before applying for Erasmus+ funding.
Find a step-by-step guide to register your organisation on ECAS and PIC:


Signing up to:
Gert Larsen
International Coordinator
Albertslund, Denmark
+45 20129048
Britt-Mona Vang
Educational Development Advisor
Secondary schools, North-Rogaland “Ungdomstrinn i utvikling”
+47 52 85 73 26