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During the course of the RECIPE project period progress reports have been submitted to EACEA in Brussels. You find the Public Interim Report here .


RECIPE (Regional Educational Centres in Pedagogical Europe)

is an action-research project with partners from 5 countries: Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Norway, and Portugal. It aims to investigate, develop and disseminate practical means of reducing Early School Leaving (ESL) through partnerships between schools and Regional Educational Centres. (RECs) Reducing ESL to below 10% is a Europe 2020 headline target.


RECs include a wide range of agencies and organisations providing training and support to local networks of schools, such as:


a. government departments,

b. municipal education authorities

c. pedagogical centres


We focus on how RECs can best meet the training and support needs of teachers and school leaders working with the children and families of a wide range of educationally disadvantaged groups, including migrant and Roma communities.


We use an action-research methodology to investigate “what works, where, and why?” within a variety of social, economic, cultural and educational contexts in five European countries. Each partner undertakes one or more case-studies of what appears to be best partnership practice in meeting the ESL challenge in relation to local needs and the “state of the art” in their own countries and regional networks.


Collaborative evaluation of the case-studies provides the basis for a range of innovative outputs and products. These are directed to the specific needs of our target groups:

a. teachers and school leaders,

b. regional educational advisors and guidance workers and

c. national and European policy makers.


They include resource packs of:

• training and support materials;

• analysis and documentation of best practice including DVD presentations;

• academic and professional publications and presentations feeding into national and regional symposia;

• a European conference on school-REC partnerships to reduce ESL;

• a sustainable residential training course and handbook;

• and a sustainable web-site for dissemination and exploitation of the project’s work across the European area.


044490-glossy-black-icon-sports-hobbies-filmmaker2-sc49RECIPE Partners at Work (Video)

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