Case Studies

The five RECIPE partners have conducted minimum two case studies each looking at already established or new programs/initiatives meant to reduce numbers of early school leavers in their countries or regions. The main aim has been to answer the core questions What works? Where? Why? The findings are presented in the individual Case Study Reports and in a collated overview.

Case Studies Overview:

5 RECIPE case-studies overview

5.i RECIPE Detailed Norwegian Case Study Report

5.g RECIPE Detailed Danish Case Studies Report

5.j RECIPE Detailed Irish Case Studies Report

5.h RECIPE Detailed Greek Case Studies Report

5.k RECIPE Detailed Portuguese Case Studies Report


Case Studies Presentations, Thessaloniki October 2016:

11.a For you if you attend

11.b Action Learning

11e How we work and what we achieve – EPIS

11g Promoting Motivation-Mastery-Opportunity from an early age RECIPE Course 2 – Oct. 2016

11.h Summarize and perspectives

Case Study films:

044490-glossy-black-icon-sports-hobbies-filmmaker2-sc49Accelerated Readers, Mata sa Rang and Lego in Schools (Ireland)

044490-glossy-black-icon-sports-hobbies-filmmaker2-sc49Benfica Foundation (Portugal)


Case Studies Progress Presentations, Ennis April 2015:


The Incredible Years

Vågen Learning Centre



Accelrated Readers and Lego



Benfica Foundation and EPIS 



Youth Strategy

Action Learning




School Yard Games

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