Department of Schools & Education (BKV) in Albertslund, Denmark

image002Department of Schools & Education (SEF) provides pedagogic support to four “folkeskoler” (primary and secondary schools), Albertslund Youth Centre (a 10th grade school, AUC) , and a school for children with special needs.

BKV seeks to create a vibrant and professionally challenging setting for skills development, so that all levels are continuously enhanced, regarding the work on children’s lives and learning processes.

The BKV also supports organisational development and implementation of national aims and local focus areas.

“A school for all” is a local strategy plan for the schools of Albertslund 2012 – 2022. The plan builds on the development strategy for day to day operations by supporting the child’s perspective and the understanding of relationships as key and essential focus areas.

One of the goals is that all young people are to have a qualifying education. At least 85 per cent of all young people are to complete a youth education by 2017, and a minimum of 90% by 2015.

This happens through initiatives such as:

  • Supplementary education
  • Consultancy services
  • Network facilitation
  • Professional and methodological qualification
  • Cooperation with internal and external partners
  • Participation in and inclusion of schools and institutions in national as well as international projects.


What, how and when should be taught are questions that are continuously up for debate. Old knowledge is being replaced by new, which puts teaching and learning methods under constant development.

The BKV contributes to teachers becoming prepared for this joint mission. The work in and from the BKV is focused on creating dynamic and professionally challenging educational settings for pedagogues and teachers in order to constantly develop their skills in their work with children’s lives and learning processes.

Attending a number of courses teachers are kept up to date concerning the professional and didactic development in their areas of expertise, and they are developing the competencies to implement new knowledge and methods in practice.

The courses are also aiming at supporting pedagogues and teachers in the local work with the municipality’s focus areas. The courses supply them with knowledge about and tools for a range of activities e.g. evaluation as a professional working method, management, team work and school/home cooperation.


The main actors/focus areas in the project

Youth Centre 10th grade school efforts

One of the main actors in Albertslund in this project is the 10th grade school “Det 10. Element”

Every Year the school has some 140 new students enlisted in the age 14-18. About 40% of these students are bi lingual. Our focus is mainly to prepare them for education and making sure that they follow through. A proximal 75% of our students continue with a youth education. More than half of our students come from troubled backgrounds and are in need of special education. Staff working at the school, is known for making a difference in order to include all students both socially and educationally. A specific focus on: Action Learning & Parents involvement.


“Young Skills”

Albertslund takes part of a Regional development project “Young Skills” that aim to help more young people reduce drop out and to complete a vocational education.

Partners in the project are Region of Copenhagen and North Zeeland, and a series of municipalities in the capitol area of Copenhagen – among them Albertslund.

The project has four objectives and Alberslund has chosen to work with two of them:

1.         Strengthen the student’s determination about their choice of education.

2.         Reduce the number of “drop outs”

A specific focus on the virtual school The Guarantee School”

New act of the Public School

The new reform in the Danish education system creates a better frame with by implementing the following initiative.

The new reform will therefor focus on learning goals for the students rather than educational goals for the everyday teaching in the classroom

A specific focus on: The local implementation of the act in Albertslund


Local management group, Denmark:

Gert Larsen International Coordinator
Municipality of Albertslund
Majbritt Svensson Head of the 10-grade school
Municipality of Albertslund
Kirsten Schneider Pedagogical advisor
School Department
Municipality of Albertslund
Susanne Stock Larsen Office Assistant
School department
Municipality of Albertslund
Tina Jensen Teacher at the 10-grade School
Municipality of Albertslund

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