Portuguese partner participating on the 3rd Cycle of the Capuchos Convent (Almada Municipality) Portugal

On 10th May 2014 the Portuguese partner has been invited to give a lecture about the RECIPE project in the 3rd Cycle of the Capuchos Convent (Almada Municipality) , Portugal. The title of the conference was “Education, Art and Citizenship – The Intercultural dialogue”. Almadaforma Teacher Training Centre was the promoter of the event and the audience was the educational community of the municipality. The lecture “The RECIPE Project – Challenges for education” had around 70 participants in the audience. The structure of the presentation was as follows: Europe 2020 Strategies; The partners, the project and their objectives; The State of the Art in every country with special focus on Portugal; The two Portuguese study cases, the expected outputs, what we have done, the dissemination.

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Link to presentation:

projeto recipe III Ciclo de Conferências do Convento dos Capuchos – Educação Arte e Cidadania – O Diálogo Intercultural


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